Friday, July 2, 2010


Here is a picture of my Baseball Fanatic. I am telling you he thinks about baseball 24/7. He has to take his glove or as he calls it GLOVEE everywhere he goes. Glovee even sleeps in the bed with him at night.
Well Glovee is being put to rest today. :( (Into a Shadowbox above his bed). The glove has been used so much the last 3 years it finally fell apart. My son is sad but is ok since I am not throwing it away and it will still be in his life somewhat. Lol you would think it was a pet right? Here is a close up of his beloved "Glovee"
I decided to do a scrapbook page of Glovee as well. I used Mickey Mouse Font for the letters cut at 2 1/2 ".
The Glove is cut from Sports Mania cartridge. I cut the glove at 8".
Enjoy :) And se you soon. We went to the Del Mar Fair today and I took lots of pictures :) My husband was laughing at me cause the whole time I said I have the perfect idea for this picture. He thinks I am crazy. Maybe I am but I love to scrapbook.

Supplies Used:
Mickey Mouse Font
Sports Mania


Dorcas said...

AWE! That is such a cute thing to do for him!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of memorializing his "glovee". He will one day treasure this layout.