Sunday, January 30, 2011

Belle LO

First off let me start by telling you that my middle daughter Isabella Is OBSESSED with Snow White. Half the time if you ask her her name she usually says Snow White or Pink (yes another obsession). 

Well a couple weeks ago we went to Disneyland and SNow White was nowhere to be found, but guess who we did see. Yup...Belle. 
Bella do you want to go meet Belle (head nodding yes) You can see the excitement spilling across her face. This is my very shy little one when it comes to people she doesn't see very  often. But no she goes right up to Belle and starts talking. Isn't this just one of the greatest pictures EVER! Well I love it. 

Anyways my daughter still calls herself Snow White but...She talks NON STOP about Belle's Hair and how pretty it is and "No mom you have to wear it like Belle. On the side like this. There mom that's pretty just like Belle." 
Here is the 2 page LO I did for the pictures. Everything was cut from the Disney Dreams Come True cartridge. And yes Belle was a pain to piece together. Even cut at 8 inches. The background paper is from Hobby Lobby The Pink Studio paper. It says princess saying all over it.

I added yellow rhinestones with my I-rock o her ears and her dress. For the whites of her eyes I just used my white gel pen. And I used stickles for her lips.

 I also cut the mirror and used this as my journaling piece. And I i-rocked that too with yellow jewels.
 This Belle was cut at 5 in.

Hugs, Savahanna


scrapn_momof2 said...

I love that photo of your daughter with Belle. How cute is that!!

Gorgeous LO. I agree those princesses are such a pain to put together...yours looks great.

Frea said...

That is sooo cute, I mean your little girl, and the layout too LOL!!
Hugs, Frea

Armida said...

Love, love, love this LO. This will be one that will be treasured forever. I love this story for precious Bella!

Libby Beach said...

Aww :) That photo is precious!! :)
I've got a Stylish Blog Award for you on my blog :)